LBA Compendium:
This text is written by Gustav Lundblad.
Information stored by Gustav Lundblad from Little Big Adventure 2
It is a list over all Characters and Places on Citadel Island in Little Big Adventure 2.
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Characters: Race: ([F] indicates female)
Rosa Cow [F]
Dino-Fly Dino-Fly
Joe Elf
Baggage Claim Receptionist Grobo
Black Kid at school Grobo
Bob Grobo
Luc Grobo
Museum Receptionist Grobo
Zed Grobo
Ms. Bloop Grobo [F]
Baggage Claim Worker Quetch
Black Kid at school Quetch
Ferry ticket seller Quetch
Fighter Quetch
Foreigner Quetch
Guy in love with Pharamacist Quetch
Museum Visitor Quetch
Twinsen Quetch
Violent kid Quetch
Character at Chez Luc Quetch [F]
Kid at school Quetch [F]
Zoe Quetch [F]
Character at Chez Luc Rabibunny
Drunk at Chez Luc Rabibunny
Felix Rabibunny
Neighbor Rabibunny
Raph Rabibunny
Scooter guy Rabibunny
Sewer Worker Rabibunny
Thief Rabibunny
Tim Rabibunny
Weather Wizard Bersimon Rabibunny
Kid at school Rabibunny [F]
Mrs. Brune Rabibunny [F]
Pharmacist Rabibunny [F]
Raph's Girlfriend Rabibunny [F]
Teacher Rabibunny [F]
Keraooc's maid Sphero [F]
Tralu Tralu [?]
Tralu's child #1 Tralu [?]
Tralu's child #2 Tralu [?]


Places Kind Owner
Chez Luc Commercial Luc
Pharmacy Commercial -
Ticket Office Commercial IIF
Twinsen Museum Commercial -
Bazaar Commerical Mr. Bazoo
Ruins of the old Citadel Historical -
Cave Natural Tralu [?]
Ridge of the Flowers' Circle Natural -
Baggage Claim Residential -
House #1 Residential Neighbor
House #2 Residential Mr. Paul
House #3 Residential Twinsen and Zoe[F]
Lighthouse Residential -
School Residential -
Sewer System Residential -
Tent Residential Weather Wizard Bersimon
Bug Street Road -
Green Corrula Street Road -
Safeguard Street Road -
Wizard's Lane Road -
Sendell's Room Room -
Lupin-Burg Town -
Harbor Town Part -