The beggining of the game

You start Little Big Adventure 2 in Twinsen´s house. Your girlfriend Zoe tells you that your flying dinosaur Dino-Fly was just crashing outside the house in the storm. When she´s ready, take the key in the in the chest left of a door. Then, go into the door and take the foolowing things: Magic Ball, Holomap and three Darts. When you´ve done that, get out from the house. It´s raining a lot.Get to the museum. (right to the ports entrance)You don´t have to pay the ticket. Just go out from the museum again, run up on the roof, get in by the window and, first push the red button, (it opens the door)then pull the lever, run down the stairs and take your Tunic, by running into it. Stay at the museum for a moment (If you want)and look at the things, speak to miss Bloop and when you´re ready head right and go out by the normal exit. Now go to the Pharmacy and ask the Pharmacist if she has got a cure for your Dino-Fly. She hasn´t, but the sphero lady heard what you asked and tells you that she knows. She can´t finish ´cause there comes a thief who takes her umbrella.(He looks like a rebel from LBA 1) The thief runs out and the lady runs after, then you comes out and see the lady. Talk to her and use "discreet" mode to and walk up behind the thief. Now he will get surprised and asks why you´re following him. You´ve got three or four alternatives: "Eeh nothing, see ya", "To knock you out" or "The umbrella, please". The fourth is:"Give back my Tunic" (That one will just appear if you have haven´t got your Tunic. Choose "The umbrella, please" and he gives you the umbrella. Now give the umbrella to the customer. The next step is killing a monster. The monster is called Tralu and you can hear about him by getting to the harbour and speak to Felix (The Rabibunny who´s fishing)or speaking to the little kid who sits on the roof between the museum and the pharmacy. Then go to the north side of the island and head into a cave with a snake outside. Get in and then get out, jump over the cliff and get into another cave. In this cave you should throw your a ball onto a lever behind a few barrels and continue ´til you get to a lever. Change your mode to discreet and throw your ball on that lever. Go back a little bit and jump on the lather and climb up. Now you meet Joe the elf! (What´s he doing here?) Speak to him and continue to the next room. Kill the small "Tralus" and take the keys and continue to Tralu. Run around Tralu and throw the Magic Ball on him. Head south and talk to Raph the lighthousekeeper who was catched by Tralu. Run out with him and Zoe and then head to the lighthouse at the south side of the island with Zoe. Now the Weather Wizard fix the weather!