When you should bring the umbrella back to the Sphero-lady you should say "The umbrella, please" to the thief. Donīt do so the first time! Say "To knock you out" instead. Itīs fun!

Talk to the cow Rosa as much as possible, she knows much.

Fight the children at school, when you go out the big brothers is going to "take care of you".

If you have less lifepoints go down into the basement in the tavern and use "ACTION" on the heart tree.

Talk to Felix in the port before you kill Tralu, he is very afraid of that monster.

Enjoy the good view from the hills, itīs fantastic!!!

Talk to the quetch in the museum, he doesnīt know that youīre Twinsen, but he knows that you "look like the guy on the picture".

If the Grobo Bob meets the Quetch foreigner he starts hitting him. (Told by Ido at the Magic Ball Network Forum)