Twinsen The hero of the game lives with his wife Zoe in a house by Bug Street in the southern part of the Island. Twinsen is a white quetch.

Married to Zoe, Father of Arthur, Knows most of characters here. His pet's called Dino-Fly
Zoe Twinsen's wife. She is always wearing red colours.

Married to Twinsen, mother of Arthur. Knows the same people as Twinsen (nearly).
Arthur LBA 2 ends with a scene with Arthur looking up at his parents. How he looks we don't know.

His parents are Twinsen and Zoe
Bob This weird guy with dark voice walks around in southern Lupin-Burg all day. Someone said that he doesn't like children cause when he saw Twinsen and Zoe walking home he asked "This lil Monster coming soon?" thinking of Arthur.

Brother of school kid, knows Twinsen and Zoe
Raph Lighthousekeeper. Lives in the lighthouse but is often out playing guitar. Very weird and everybody likes him. Was captured by Tralü in LBA 2.

Boyfriend of A Rabibunny. Friend with most funny people.
Raph's Girlfriend Stands waiting for Raoh when he is captured. Then she is up in the lighthouse with him.

Girlfriend of Raph. Knows Twinsen.
Dino-Fly Twinsen's best friend? Dinosaur who flies with Twinsen over the whole Island. Twinsen found him in LBA1 on Tippett Island. Lives outside Twinsen's house.

Knows Twinsen and Zoe
Felix This nervous Rabibunny stands fishing crabs in the harbor of Otringal. He is very afraid of the Tralü. He wears a yellow raincoat. It was from Felix that Twinsen heard about the Tralü.

Knows Twinsen... and the Tralü?
Zed Maybe the weirdest character in the whole game. Looks for mushrooms in the Ruins od the citadel in the beggining of the game. When the sotrm is over he lays on the beach headland afraid of water. Wants the esmers to eat mushrooms.

Knows Twinsen.
Luc This cool Grobo is the owner of the Tavern, Chez Luc in Lupin-Burg. Has got a hidden key to the sellar behind him.

Knows Tim and Twinsen.
Tim A classic Rabibunny. Works hard and is abit clumsy. Also he's got that special Rabibunnyvoice. Works in the Tavern as waiter. Falls in the steps when he's delivering drinks to the guests.

Knows Luc and Twinsen.
Drunk guest at the tavern This rabibunny sits screaming "Waiter" and hicing on a table in Chez Luc. Drinking all the time.

He must know Tim.
Raph's friends.

Those two creatures sit in the Tavern on the second floor. They are friends of Raph and keep thanking Twinsen for saving him. The quetch likes Honey Bee and LBA Theme. The sphero is the only sphero on the island after the storm.

Knows Raph and Twinsen.
Mr Paul This Grobo is the captain of the Inter-Island-Ferry Line between Desert Island and Citadel Island. Lives in a house in the Harbor.

Knows Twinsen and the ticketsellers. Must know Felix too as he never leaves the harbor.
Taxi Rabibunny This rabibunny drives a scooter on Citadel Island. For a few kashes you can go with him to the Lighthouse, Woodbridge Island or to the Weather Wizard.

Knows his customers.
Pharmacist Works in the Pharmacy in Lupin-Burg.

Pharmacist's admirer This quetch loves the pharmacist but doesn't dare to talk to her. Sits on the cliffs on the north side of the island.

Knows the Pharmacist?
Weather Wizard This rabibunny is a very nice wizard. He is responsible for the weather of the island. Works with a few spells. Must use the Lighthouse to change the weather. Lives in a tent on the north side of the island.

Knows Raph and Twinsen and most people of the island.
Rosa Rosa is a cow that is eating grass in the Citadel Ruins. Is very cool and knows a lot. Likes the rain cause "the grass gets so nice and thick". Warns Twinsen for a evil esmer behind the trees. "Beware, there's a weirdo hiding behind the trees"

Knows the animals of Twinsun and Twinsen.
Ticket Seller Quetch that's selling tickets in the Ticket Office in the harbor of Citadel Island.

Knows Mrs. Brune, Twinsen and maybe Mr Paul.
Mrs. Brune Rabibunny that is working in the Ticket Office.

Mother of two children. One of them is a thief and one of them goes to school. Knows Twinsen and the Ticket Seller.
School Class This school class has got a Rabibunny as teacher, two quetches, one Grobo and one Rabibunny as pupils. In the storm they are inside the school. When the storm is over they're searching Sendell in the Flower Circle. The Grobo is brother of Bob, the Rabibunny is son of Mrs. Brune and brother of the Thief.
Mrs. Bloop The very nice Grobo Mrs. Bloop is a worker in the museum. This lady likes Twinsen and tries to be nice to everyone.

Knows Twinsen and the receptionist
The weird receptionist This Grobo is a bit weird and doesn't recognize Twinsen when he comes to his own museum. Mrs. Bloop feels sorry for him.

Knows Mrs. Bloop (if he remembers her)
Strange Quetch Strange is what you can call this quetch. He is the brother of two of the school kids and is only appearing when you hit one of them. But if you follow him he just disappears in the ruins of the citadel.

Knows the two kids?
The baggage claim receptionist. This Grobo is one of the few not-so-often-seen- unconfused Grobos. He works as receptionist in the Baggage Claim.

Knows Twinsen
Foreign Quetch "Hey, you look just like the guy on the picture" is what this Quetch says to Twinsen when he's talking about a picture of Twinsen in the Museum.

Knows no one on Citadel Island
Kid This kid sits on the roof of the baggage claim blowing balls on Twinsen.

Knows the kids of the island?
Umbrella Lady This woman is in the pharmacy and her umbrella is stolen when she starts talking about Dino-Fly cures.

Knows Keraaoc the healer.
Thief This rabibunny hits you if you touch his sister. He is the thief that steels the umbrella.

Is the son of Mrs. Brune and brother of a school kid. Knows Twinsen.

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