Twinsen The hero of the game lives with his wife Zoe in a house by Bug Street in the southern part of the Island. Twinsen is a white quetch. Married to Zoe, Father of Arthur, Knows most of characters here. His pet's called Dino-Fly
Zoe Twinsen's wife. She is always wearing red colours.

Married to Twinsen, mother of Arthur. Knows the same people as Twinsen (nearly).
Arthur LBA 2 ends with a scene with Arthur looking up at his parents. How he looks we don't know. His parents are Twinsen and Zoe
Bob This weird guy with dark voice walks around in southern Lupin-Burg all day. Someone said that he doesn't like children cause when he saw Twinsen and Zoe walking home he asked "This lil Monster coming soon?" thinking of Arthur.

Brother of school kid, knows Twinsen and Zoe
Raph Lighthousekeeper. Lives in the lighthouse but is often out playing guitar. Very weird and everybody likes him. Was captured by Tralü in LBA 2.

Boyfriend of A Rabibunny. Friend with most funny people.
Raph's Girlfriend Stands waiting for Raoh when he is captured. Then she is up in the lighthouse with him.

Girlfriend of Raph. Knows Twinsen.