Frederick Raynal has now set up a new company, it is called F4-Toys! The name didn't gave people any cheering smiles, but it is of course good news that Fred's gotta company again. But still we would rather see him get along with Didier Franchey, wouldn't we? We know today that the company will produce Trium Planeta, Fred's upcoming LBA-like game. I will soon publish the F4-toys logo and link to its website.

A few weeks ago TacoTycoon of the Magic Ball Network Forum made some really good research on F4-Toys. Quoted by TacoTycoon: "Ok, I've got a four day weekend so I thought I'd look into this a bit more. Turns out that the site is registered to someone in France, I got the address and all. 6 rue Lincoln in Paris, or something like that. Looking at the France phone directory, found out that it was some sort of business center, some film companies, but I didn't see anything relating to Fred, Adeline, F4Toys, etc. Anyways, I got some info on the contacts (none of them were Fred) and I'll be mailing them today just to see if they can just give me a word about if they know about f4 toys or stuff like that. Phew.. Need water..."
For the first time Fred told the name of his new company. Read it in the interview by axx available in the Interview Section.

Will F4-Toys produce LBA 3?
No, they haven't got the rights to do it.

Mail me and ask for my opinion and what I know about this, and I'll tell you what I know.