Find the Esmers Base

When you crash on Citadel Island you believe that everything is like before. It isnīt. The Esmers have completely taked over the towns on Twinsun while you was at Zeelich. (The worldīs needs you) Now head to Zoe and talk to her. When she is ready, when she is ready telling you the terrible story go to the bagage check. Here you should go down with the elevators and when you are in a room with boxes you should take the one with the big mark on with the robot. Put it into the hole in the wall and head to the Quetch. Heīll help you for 102 kashes. (Itīs expensive, but otherwise you wonīt get the Proto-Pack) Go back the same way as you came and get the Proto-Pack.

Go with Dino-Fly to Desert Island and use your Jet-Pack to get to the brown desert outside the town. Ring the bell and take a lift with the turtle. Heīll take you to a important cave. Use the Jet-Pack to get over the spikes and take the pearl.

Now itīs time for the next cave. Go with Dino-Fly to "the island across from the hacienda". Walk into the cave with you Jet-Pack. Land and kill the two sceletons. Use the box and take it to the right elevator. Jump to the left elevator and use, then you should use the next box and put on the previous box. Jump on the right elevator with the boxes on and continue north. Kill the sceletons and the monster and take the Protection Spell. Go back with your Jet-Pack. Be careful of the bats and the spikes. The first bit is so hard that itīs very hard to make it without Protection Spell.

Now itīs time for a new Magic Ball! Go to the weather wizardīs house and use the pearl in his boiling kettel and the Lightning Spell will appear. Now go to your neighbour and use the Gallus-syrup on his papers. (Itīs good if youīve done it before, īcause there are many guards outside. When you have fix it go to the Tavern and fight with the Sups, the Franco and the dog. Take the key behind the bar and go down to the basement. Fall into the hole in the floor and when youīre down jump to the island in the middle. Here use the Pyramid Key and go in! Use the lightning spell. Now youīll get Sendellīs Ball and the red Magic Ball!

Now itīs time for the last thing to do on Twinsun, go to the Temple Park on Desert Island and go into the temple. Throw your Magic Ball on the piles to turn while on the räls. A key is in a box at a place downstairs. You must stand on the räls to get the key. Then go with the räls downstairs. Kill the laser guard and then go kill the sleeping guards. Use ACTION on their things to get a key. Use the key on the locked door. Donīt go into the Space Ship, just continue to the elevator and kill the guards. Fly over the electronic bridge, kill the guard and take the itanary token. Turn off the electronic bridge and when there are a guard on it turn it on again. Fly over and take the Space Ship.