The tourisboard, Rebellion Island

Twinsoo knows what the southern hemisphere is. He lives on Citadel Island and he was visting all the islands in the southern hemisphere 6 years ago. Once, he was on Tippet Island and there he met a groboclone. The groboclone was selling info about the northern hemisphere. When he talked to that Groboclone he got an idea. He wanted to sell info about the southern hemisphere to visitors from the northern hemisphere. He opened a tourist board on Rebellion Island. When it was bombed by Funfrock he moved to Citadel Island. There he gave info about the hemisphere FREE to all the visitors. (Except clones) Now he is going to give YOU info about that hemisphere. He hope that it will help you to get to the northern hemisphere in LBA 1! The word to Twinsoo!!!

Hello! Its Twinsoo speaking! Now Im going to give you info about the southern Hemisphere!

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