Axx on the Magic Ball Network Forum phoned Frederick Raynal and asked him a few questions. The jist of it was the following:
Text written by Axx:

1. what has been done to get the company going?
well we are very busy at the moment and it's hard to get the company set up very quick with everyone on vacation. we should be started at september.

2. what projects will the company be working on?
when it is set up we will be making a pc conversion for toycommander and we also have 2 other projects?

3. will lba3 be one of them?
im sorry but it looks like i have somebad news. the right belongs to adeline and we dont have the right to make it. they might be working on a lba4 coversion for the game boy advance. so they went in advance and skipped lba3. im not very sure but i think tthat my company will never work on lba. (didier chanfray has left fred to go complete lba without him in adeline ) im afraid you must contact adeline, i dont know how because they dont want to speak to me.

4. will agartha ever be released?
no I dont suppose it will ever come out because we fired many of the employees who worked on it and i cant get new employees to work on it.

Additional info

how much did toy commander sell?
not much because it came out when little dreamcasts were sold abought 20000 .

and what abought toy racer?
maybe 50,000 im not sure because of the mess with sega closing down their hardware and all.

will there be a win32 patch for lba1?
well we got that going but i dont think we have the right to give it to people

i heard that you and didier chanfray and phillipe vachey were good friends so why did he (didier chanfray) go to adeline?
well thats just the way things are and life must go on.

i asked more questions and ill post them and their answers later

so in general lba series will be completed but most probably without fred himself. gies this is a job for everybody you must search for a adeline web presence. i think im going to buy gba to continue playing lba.

any questions?
I'm depressed but as fred sayes life goes on!

Text written by Axx!