Axx on the Magic Ball Network Forum phoned Frederick Raynal and asked him some new questions. The jist of it was the following:
Text written by Axx:

Ok read in amazment...

Please put in mind that the questions i say right now are not going to really match the answers because i cant remeber in detail what Mr. Frederic and i said.
First i asked him somthing abought lba.
Well they are making a conversion of only lba1 for the game boy advance. only lba1 and not lbas2 as i said before.
Will anything related to agartha be released?
No, all of agartha is a sega project and i dont have the right to release it. Because you know i have to forget abought a project ive worked on for 2 years beause of this
What is the main inspiration when you make a game?
Well nothing really. I made my first game in 1981 and then made a comercial game in 1987. (summarized)
Can you give us any informa\tion on the new company you will set up?
It will be a fully independant company. No interfierence from anything which remove the main problem wich is the rights and all that. The company will consist of not so many eople at the start and then we may expand after releasing our first big project. we may work on somthing small before the big project.
When will the conversion of toycommander be released for the pc?
No it will not be released anymore. I told you earlier that we will but now that wea are changing companies we wont have the right to release it anymore.
Can you give us any information on your new game, any at all?
Well it will be a lba like game. I get my ideas from forums like mbn which i visit alot but dont post cause i dont have time for wrighting. Then i turn all my ideas into a game. The new game is called trium planeta! It will be like lba in same like worlds.
Can you release any lba3 info to me?
No not really. Adeline wants to make LBA but even with all there rights they cant release it without my aproval so i am waiting for them to call me first and maybe i can still buy the rights to make lba3 or have a peacefull solution with them to the making of lba3

I think i asked more so if i remeber ill post later this is cool news!!!
Trium Planeta Is Freds Upcomming Big Project!
And there future company will be independant from any other company And there is still a possibility for lba3 to come out!

Text written by Axx