Axx on the Magic Ball Network Forum phoned Phillipe Vachey, creator of the LBA Music and asked him some new questions. The jist of it was the following:
Text written by Axx:

Which company do you work with?
I work at home currently and i make music

To whom do u sell the music?
laughs* to anyone who wants to buy them (i.e. not to adeline or f4 toys)

Who do u plan on working with
probably adeline, i am waiting to see what happens

Do u know anyhting about lba gba?
It is currently a sleeping project, they are working on a conversion of motocross for the gba

Will you create music for lba gba?
Well im not sure but it might be me... im not very sure

What is the main reason behind agartha's cancellation?
Well the main reason is sega stopped paying us, they actually stopped paying all developers in the sega of europe so we stopped working and the project hasnt finished

What will happen to agartha music?
I will not release it, i cant release it but i cant tell the reasons.

Can it by any chance be uploaded to the internet, how can i get it?
I dont think i can, i dont want to currently, you understand?

Yes, yes, I do.

Can you, if possible play it to me over the phone, only a bit?
Yes i can just one second... (he plays agartha music to me, it is really, really cool, and a dark mood tone)
To me the agartha music was very good compared to others i created.

B.t.w he said the agartha music was in his wallet

He also said, if i wanted it to be released i should contact adeline and Iwill.

We also spoke about LBA 3.

What will happen to lba3?
The licence problem is a very complex situation, it might not be created..


Text written by Axx