Axx on the Magic Ball Network Forum mailed Didier Franchey, one of the head creators of LBA. The jist of it was the following:
Text written by Axx:

Well i wrote twice, but i didnt excpect a reply to the first e-mail..
#######################################3From :
"Didier Chanfray" <>

To :
"'Ahmad Ghourab'" <>

Subject :
RE : [contact] Didier or phillipe vachey {01}

Date :
Fri, 12 Apr 2002 19:25:03 +0200

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Salut AXX,

Thank you for your encouragement, we work hard to make the nice games.
The team is very motivated and exciting to work for Adeline. They have
experiences (Time commando, LBA2, Toy commander, Toy Racer) I'm hope to
rediscover the original spirit of Adeline....A little big team....

To all appearances I haven't any problems with the license LBA...


-----Message d'origine-----
De :
de Ahmad Ghourab
Envoyé : mardi 9 avril 2002 09:22
? : contact List Member
Objet : [contact] Didier or phillipe vachey {01}

Hey didier,
Hows adeline going with you, i am extremley pleased to see
up and running again, hopefully recreating amazing adventures as it did
the past. Let me introduce myself. Im know as axx with lba fan sites and
have spokin by phone with Mr. Frederick Raynal who informed me of the
situation many times. He spoke of adeline making lba for game boy
and i have found that your company, adeline, has signed up for a license
make games for gba. I hope you can give me more detail. He also said
that it
is not possible for you to make lba for gba without his
raynal) again i wish a confirmation. He mentioned waiting for adeline to

call him up so that he can make an exchange, i.e. he gives the license
lba1 on gba and you give him the license for lba3, he said "i wish that
is what will happen". The magic ball network, wich is the largest living
fansite and forum, urges you to do so. Never the less do your best at
adeline prosper, and I aswell as many other's wis you the best of luck.

Yours Truely

P.S. To verify that i called frederick youy may ask him, he knows me as
ahmad and axx


2nd e-mail
Hello Ahmad,

I see, you are a big fan of LBA.

Now i work for Delphine Group. I restart Adeline with a very good mini team, since few months. We work on “Moto racer advance” (UBI Available October). Also, we prepare flashback Advance.

An adaptation of LBA1 for GBA (Game design, level design) is ready but we have no time to product and isn’t not the editorial priority. One day, I hope.

I have no comment about LBA3….Fred says like he wants….

Cordialement LBA2 (feb 97)

Didier Chanfray


-----Message d'origine-----
De : Ahmad Ghourab []
Envoyé : mercredi 10 avril 2002 11:07
À :
Objet :

Hey didier,

Le me introduce myself, my ame is ahmad and i live is naudi arabia. I have very clos contacts with frederick raynal, whom i spoke with over the phone many times. This time it looks like each of you have your own companies. He mentioned creating a new game called trium planeta, he aslo mentioned that adeline was creating lba for gba. Phillipe vachey said that lba for gba was a slppeing project, and that motoracer for gba was being made by adeline... Now my first question is what is the future of lba1 and lba3, as fred mentioned, he is waiting for you to call him up and take rights to make lba-gba and he will ask for the rights to make lba3 at that point, do u have any comment?

Then i would like to ask, what will adeline work on in its first years?

thanx.... ahmad
as usual keeping u up to date


Text written by Axx