Kash from Twinsun, on that planet you pay with this money. You can sell them in the Twinsunian Souvenir Shop in Otringal on Zeelich. You can find them everywhere, in flowerpots, lamps, lockers and other things on Twinsun.

This is a gem from somewhere in the under-gas. On Wannie's Island there are miners who search for these things, they give them to the Building & Co. On the other islands in the under-gas the gems are everywhere. Twinsen needs four gems to buy a ferrytrip with the ferryman.

These two things are the Blowtron and the Blowgun. YouŽll get the Blowgun from the School of Magic's rector and the Blowtron from the Mosquibees.


This is a Balsam flower. They grow in some places in the desert on Desert Island which are very hard to get to. You must give this flower to the rector of the Magic School to complete the second test, which makes you a healer.

The Laser-Pistol is one of Twinsen's most important weapons. He uses it to shoot at enemies. YouŽll get the Laser Pistol from a dissident in the Twinsunian Souvenir Shop. The pistol doesn't work without a green crystal. The crystal is on Island of the Celebration.

This is the Holomap, it shows you a map over the planet you are or a map over the island you are at. When you have got to go somewhere a arrow shows you where to go. You find in the secret room in your house. The Holomap was also a good thing on the way in LBA 1, but now it's stronger.



This is a Wannie's boxing glove. In the mine under the Building & Co. and the village of the Wannies many people needs them to mine. You can take it from the kid in the family, which make Firefly Tarts. You also need it when you fight with Walruses.

The Super Jet- Pack is an upgrade from the Proto-Pack. Baldino invented the Proto-Pack and gave it to Twinsen via the Baggage Check on Citadel Island. Twinsen needs in many things. To get the Super Jet -Pack Twinsen must give the Gazogem to Baldino. It can fly higher and faster than the Proto-Pack. The Super Jet -Pack is needed to fly up to the Upper City of Otringal.

This is a Pick -Axe. The Pick -Axe is for sale in the Bazaar on Island of the Francos on Zeelich. Twinsen needs the Pick -Axe for many things, for example: the green crystal on Island of Celebration and the FrancoŽs Fragment, which is hidden by the Roger de la Fontaine, formerly a burgermaster on FrancoŽs Island. This axe costs 20 Zlitos.

This is maybe the game's most important thing, the Dark Monks key. The four fragments make the key. Each race has one fragment, the Francos' fragment is hidden on their island, everyone's searching for it, the Wannies' fragment is hidden in a temple in the Building & Co.'s mine, the Mosquibees' fragment is guarded by a Walrus on their island and finally the Sups' fragment, located in the emperors palace on Otringal.

You can get darts in many places on Twinsun; in Twinsen's house, in the shop in the desert and in the Temple Park. If you hit the ducks in the Temple Park with your darts, you get to a mine in the temple.


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