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LUND, SWEDEN (LN)(LBA News) NoCliche (before, Adeline Software, LBA's makers) is going to release two games soon, Gutherman and Agartha, the release for the new Sega Console, Dreamcast will be in 1999 and the PC launch in 2000. Gutherman will be an Action game and Agartha an Adventure-game. Since a month ago, you can look at a mysterious picture of Gutherman on NoCliche's homepage.

LUND, SWEDEN (LN) LBA 3? That's the question many people are thinking of now! Will there be a LBA 3? If there will be a LBA 3 it will come out for the PC. That's what LN knows about it. We'll leave that for later.

LUND, SWEDEN (LN) Sega's new Console Dreamcast is going to be released in Japan 27 november, in Europe not before the autumn 1999. The price is 29800 yen. (220 US-dollars, 33495 rubles, 129 english pounds or 3550 Swedish crones) At the 20 october there was a pre-order campaign launched, in 2 days 100000 consoles were sold.

LUND, SWEDEN (LN) New rules for the LBA Quiz at the World of Little Big Adventure. If you enter twice you'll be disqualified and you can't win twice either.

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