And the winner in the class Most Popular LBA Character is...


Twinsen's victory was nodoubted, he got nearly 40% of all votes!

Here's the full result!


T=Twinsen, B=Baldino, DF=Dino-Fly, Z=Zoe, R=Rosa, DrF=Dr. Funfrock, A=Arthur, Ast=Astronomer, Monk=Monk on Wannies Island, E=Emperor, Other=Other LBA Characters, Head=Headmaster of the school of magic, Bob=Bob the Grobo, Queen=Queen of the mosquibees, B=Franco's Burgermaster, P=Pharmacist

This poll was won by the BIG favourite, Twinsen, nearly half of the 82 votes did he get, 30. You can read the full result here on the right.

By the way...

...My own favourite, Baldino finished in 2nd position, with 21 votes less than Twinsen

...Poor, poor Pharmacist, no one really thinks that she is the best in LBA.

...The Twinsen House with Twinsen, Zoe, Dino-Fly and Arthur did get 49 of the votes, more than the half!

...The dead people got 7 of the votes, Dr Funfrock (4), Emperor (2) and Burgermaster1

...The most unexpected number of votes was recieved by Rosa, the cow, in 5th position! Best Zeelich inhabitant was the Monk and the Emperor with 2 votes.