1 Wacko 21 p. Netherlands Homepage



Wacko (NET)
Dark Eyedol (ROM)

Razor (RUS)

1 Dark Eyedol 21 p. Romania  
3 Razor 20 p. Russia  
4 Lightwing 19 p. Belarus  
5 V2 18 p. Greece  
6 Atresica 17 p. Netherlands Homepage
7 Jesse 16 p. Netherlands Homepage
7 Ghost 16 p. Israel  
9 Darkmonk 15 p. Canada  
10 Phoenix 13 p. England Homepage
11 Simon 12 p. Sweden Homepage
12 El Muerte 11 p. Netherlands Homepage
12 Starbreak 11 p. Swaziland  
12 DSparil 11 p.    
15 Doug McMillan 10 p. England  
15 A_Lost_Sheep 10 p. England  
17 TWS 9 p. England  
18 Kefjah 8 p. Netherlands Homepage
19 td 7 p. Netherlands  
19 Fuzzie 7 p.    
21 Pepsi 6 p.    
22 Annetta, B0ris, ikjan 5 p. Swe, Can, Neth B0ris' homepage

COMMENTS: The 1st LBA Quiz was won by Wacko and DarkEyedol, with only one single fault each on the 12 questions.

The answers were:

  1. How much is the boat selled in Port-Belooga? ANSWER: 200 kashes
  2. On what island do you buy the Pick-ax? ANSWER: Franco's island
  3. In what year was LBA 1 released? 1994
  4. In what season that year? Autumn
  5. What planet is Ernestine heading for? Zirla
  6. Who says this? Beware, there's a weirdo hiding behind the trees? Rosa, the cow
  7. What island do I talk about when I say this? "Under what-you-do-on-birthday is this island"? ANSWER: Volcano
  8. What color is Zed's bathing suit more than yellow? Red
  9. What's the name of the colonel captured in the Hamalayis in LBA 1? Kroptman
  10. PIC OF GAMBLING SLOT: QUESTIONS: On what island is this machine? Otringal. What do you get out from this machine? Key, heart, magic, money. How much is the admission fee to the building where this thing is located? 5 zlitos.

The question 2, 3, 4 were worth one point, question 1 was worth 3 points.
Question 3 and 4 seemed to be the hardest, and question 2 and 10 seemed to be easiest.
I think that the
new quiz is more hard, this one might have been too easy.