The school of magic

The school of magic is the second part of the game. When you´ve completed it you´ll be a wizard and your magic ball will get to level 2. There´s a graveyard in the middle of the Desert Island. You can´t get in there from the main entrance, you must use a secret passage. When you are outside the main entrance turn left and search after two trees. If you go in towards the mountain beteween themyou´ll get in. Now go into the big door. (with the big face) Yyou are in the scool of magic! Go up the stairs and open the door. Continue north and go between the tables. (Watch out for the blue ghosts) When you are out from this "table-labyrint" change your behaviour to discreet and take the key in the chest. Go back down in discreet, cross the tables and open the door on the west side, go to the rector and join the magic school. (You must have 140 kashes) Head into the room behind the rector and do the first test. It´s hard in the start but soon you´ll understand how to do. Go out from the magic school, run to Baldino, take the thing for the car, go to the harbour and hang on to Citadel Island. Run to your house and talk to Zoe. (She is behind the house with Dino-Fly) She´ll tell you that Baldino forgot to give you something. Get back to the desert, rush to Baldino and he gives you the Walkie-Talkie. Now you should go out from his house and when you´re out Zoe calls you on the Walkie-Talkie. Go to the harbour, take the car and drive to the "Magic School-mountain". Drive around that place until you come to a place where you can drive up. Drive on the mountain and search for a olace where you can jump to the next mountain. Here is the important flower. Take it and get into the magic school and speak to the rector. Now he gives you the healing horn. Go to the harbour and get to Citadel Island and Dino-Fly. Blow the horn five times on him and he will get cured. Now he´ll take you to Island of the dome of the slate for the third test. Write down the map on the right of the entrance. Go in to the dome and complete it. It can be hard ´cause you can´t see if the squares are high or low on the map. When you are out you meet the rector and he gives you a envelope. Go back to the school and meet the rector there again. Now he gives you a diploma and a new magic level. Go out from the school again and find the selling wizard. It´s easy to find him on the ways in the desert ´cause he´s everywhere! Buy a suit for wizards.