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From Franck Chenilleau

i'm a french guy and i'm a fan of Little Big Adventure. I played to the first history wth very interest but i can't find Little Big Adventure 2. Have you got it ? Can you send me if you have it ?

Thank you very much for your answer.

Hello, Franck!
I'm sorry but I can't e-mail it to you, the file is too big, and also it is illegal. If anyone knows where to buy it,please mail me! /Gustav

I guess there's a problem now:

studio is closed down.



That is absoluteley too bad! /Gustav

Hey my name is Kenneth and i come from Denmark.

I have LBA and LBA 2! And I love it...... I really really hope that LBA 3
will be created. It's the best game I've ever played. I can sit for hours
and play it!!! I LOVE IT.

I hope there will be more tricky puzzels to find out i LBA 3.

Yours truely Kenneth

Hey Kenneth!
Have you heard the B-song with Modern Talking called You are not alone? Cause you are not! LBA is a wonderful game. /Gustav

Hi there!

I'm a boy from Norway, who wants to know how you get out of the elevator-room
when you are going down to The Undergas thing. I'm stuck! Please help me.


Hi there Vegard! Here's how to do it:You should be in discreet mode and hit the lever with the magic ball. (Credit to ChaosFish)/Gustav

I personally like both LBA 1 and 2 and the only thing I care about is if LBA
3 keeps the large storyline, great graphics, unique gameplay and simplistic
looking odd people!

thanks for reading my E-Mail !!!!

Andrew Williams

Personally i liked your letter art very much, sadly it cannot be projected here. I think that the simplistic looking odd people are what keeps LBA at the level that it is at. And of course the large storyline and the unique gameplay. And I think that it will still be there if LBA 3 ever will come out! /Gustav

My only hope and dream for the past five years is that LBA3 will be made!

from Jessica helman

You are not alone! Although I've only had the dream for the past four years! /Gustav

somos fans del LBA y nos gustaria que mejoraran los efectos de las puerta por ejemplo que las abra, tambien nos gustaria ir a diferentes planetas y conducir la nave de baldino. escribenos a agradecemos tu atencion bye.

from adair lozano

Eh... I don't know your language, mate! /Gustav

I think some of the game should include the child....Maybe it learning how to
use the magic or something? The game should certainly still have all 3
characters in it. DEFINITELY have at LEAST 2 planets you can visit. You
should still have Citadel Island, Desert Island (With the Car!!!) and The
Dome of the Slate Island. Maybe there should be a decent gun at the beginning
of the game, instead of just his Agressive Mode (Laser Guns is a must have in
the game) It should also have the same feel as LBA 2 (When you are up close
instead of in LBA 1 Where the camera view is far away)

By the way are you going to be E-mailing these ideas to the Frederick person
that was interviewed?

Anthony B.

After what I've heard LBA 3 will contain 3 playable characters, Twinsen (of course), Zoe and Arthur, so you won't get disappointed! Personally I want all Twinsun islands to be in the game, actually. And also the car! I'll see what I can do about Frederick, but I'll try to get them to Axx, who will interview him soon! /Gustav

Dear sir,
My name is Andrew i have been a fan of the L B A series for many years eventhough i am only 13 years of age i own the original LBA and its Manuel. My cousin has LBA2 and i borrow it of him most weeks!. My cousin and i actualy wrote LBA3 out to be a movie in the boring hours of the easter holidays
it is not very good as we are only 13 and 11 years of age but there are two things i would like to see in LBA3 is the son doing a bit of Father and son fighting you know onthe same side of course!!. the other thing i wanted to see was A new hero maybe a decendent of Funfrok but not him cause we all know what he ooks like fromLBA1 + 2. So if yu need any ideas to pass on just send me an E.mail im full of ideas.

see you later
Andrew Mcgreish

Dear Andrew! The father and son part would be cool. I will mail you! I am awaiting your ideas, they are always great! And don't give up, just because your young, I am sure that the movie is great! /Gustav

i've heard that u can play zoe twinsen and the little one in the site
sendells well
but it would be cool if u could fly aircraft ride horses and dino fly whit
out havin' to tell em where to go
but im almost sure that Fun Frock is back again

Funfrock might be back again yes,or maybe he is really dead now, we'll see. It's true that you can play them all three. Aircraft? LOL! /Gustav

Hey there.. im not sure about how old your website is.. but, i have LBA2 and i was wondering where i can find LBA 1+3 i heard that a new episode would be coming out on Dreamcast.. so i got that.. and there is no new episode tragically... so if you could help me by telling me where i can find it or what not.. that would be great.. thank you


If you need to talk to me email me back...or i have aim.. NINxTrentxNIN

*^* I RaPeD TrEnT ReZnOr*^*

Hey! Oh, you know, the web site is soon 4 years old, but it is still active and updated! I am very sorry that you bought a Dreamcast for that, cause there will be no LBA on the Dreamcast... But there is still a lot of games that are really good on the dreamcast! Actually some games by parts of the old LBA team, they are called Toy Racer and Toy Commander. /Gustav

Just like to say thank you, your web site helped me enjoy LBA2
even more.

Thank you very much!!! /Gustav

I am Werner Allers from Bloemfontein South Africa.LBA is best game I'v ever played before.There are alot new stuff you can do with LBA 3.So pleace think about it.
Pleace mail me back?

Yeah, LBA is great! I'm mailing you back! Got any ideas? /Gustav

Got any ideas where i can get hold of LBA 2 ?
I have searched around but i have not been able to locate a copy.

That is hard, anyone who knows? /Gustav

Do you think that there will be a ''Little Big Adventure 3''?
Please answer back

I do HOPE that there will be a LBA 3, but I am sorry to say that I only think that there's a 40% chance. /Gustav

Hi, I've got a copy of LBA 1 but it will not run on windows 98.Can you help?
Also I want to buy a copy of LBA 2 on the internet but I can't find it anywhere. Can you help?

Thanks Paul

/I can help you with the LBA 1 actually! Mail me back and I'll give you further instructions. /Gustav