The LBA Super Site was first created in august 1998, then in a very simple shape, actually my first web page ever, the site had only six sections, for example, letters, twinsoo (the site mascot, dead today), actually there was no real information about the game, only pretty unimportant stuff. But then the site made a revolution. The second version was released in the autumn 1998. Still the six old sections were there, but now the site had joined two webrings, there was many new, more important sections, like good information about the games and also the first LBA Quiz, which never worked. Marquees appeared everywhere. The content now was much, much better than before, but still the layout was terrible (really terrible). I tried to change it a few months later, I made a frameversion of the site, my first ever experiment with frames, it went out really bad, dead links, not even the menubar worked properly. Succesfully, the version with no frames, was still there and it worked like before. For nearly two years both versions were available, with only one of them working. Therefor, after not working with the site for over a year i restarted the work again in november 2000. I released the 3rd version of the site, now completeley in heaven-blue background and completeley without frames. Still the base from the old version was there, with an intro page and then a big menu page, with links to all the main sections, the layout was now much better than before, all pages wore the heaven-blue background (earlier the main color was white, but there was no graphical order on the site, some sections were red, black or blue). Also the LBA Quiz was working properly for the first time ever. Sadly, I hadn't time to continue building the site in 2001, so between the 28th december 2000 and the making of the brand new 4th version nothing happened with the site. Therefor the time LBA Quiz got more long-lived, in nearly a year you could submit your answers, the winners were two, Wacko and DarkEyedol. With the third version I also had got HyperSnap-DX, which enabled me capturing screenshots from the game for the first time, bringing the site a picture gallery.

The 1st edition of the site was only madeby a few simple lines of text with links to the sections. The site's mascot was created here, and most sections wereabout him, the name was Twinsoo.
(august -98)
The second edition had a much better content, but it was also very terrible in the layout way. The LBA Quiz never really worked until the 3rd edition.
(autumn-98 to autumn 2000)
The sections of the 2nd edition, had no special background color, and they had no special font either, you could find comic sans, times new roman, arial or verdana, for example. This shot is from the Twinsen section, never much exponated and deleted with 3rd version. Now, in the 4th, the comeback is here for Twinsen.
This link was what met you when you entered the site for over a year, but the noframesversion was the only one to use, the frames version was a Little BUG Adventure.
(winter 98-99 to autumn 2000)
  The third version was graphically much better than its ancestors, also Twinsoo had died with this version and the Quiz finally worked. Screenshots turned up everywhere now, and Twinsen where voted best character of the games with Baldino in second place.
(november 2000-november 2001)

/Gustav Lundblad 2001-11-17