Two fragments

  • This chapter is about the first things in the Under-Gas. When you are at the elevator's base you really want to get out, cause there are guards and scientists there, but you can't get out yet. It's easy to find out how to do it, so I leave it to you. When you're outside, run past the guards on the bridge, past the first building (Building & Co.). Go into a small way on the right. The way touches the Building & Co`s wall. Just run as far as you can and youŽll get into a cave. The cave has got a passage to the Building & Co., but leave it, youŽll need it later. Go around in the cave and youŽll find a temple. Kill the guy outside and go in. Use ACTION on the fragment and youŽll get it. Be careful when you have fixed the fragment, cause the Wannies in the cave will get angry. Don't forget to carry all the gems too, youŽll need them when you should leave the island. Go out from the cave and continue the way north to the village of the Wannies. Go into the cave, then west and finally south. Take the Boxing Glove and talk to the woman. Give the tart to the old man outside the family's house. He'll give you a key. Use the key on the big door and go in. Continue 'til you get to the monk and his pupils. Go to his house maid and shell sing a song for you. "Ferryman if you please, take me across the raging seas, for a few gems ÍŽll take your boat, I cannot swim I cannot float." Now walk to the Ferryman's lane, stand in the little "house" and sing the song. Let him take you to Mosquibee Island. Take the gems in the beach and talk to the flying Mosquibee. Let him take you to his queen. Show the queen the dissident's ring and youŽll have to make a test. Throw your Magical Ball on the balls and take the key. Open one of the doors and if it's the right door youŽll get the Blowtron. Now the emperorŽs troops will come. Follow the queen and don't take the exit to the beach, take the exit on the left side. Run over the bridge and fight with the Walrus. (Use the Boxing Glove at the fireballs) Then open the chest and take the Mosquibee`s fragment.


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