Hello! I´m Twinsoo! I know everything about the southern hemisphere on Twinsun, I know who´s living there, I know the best shops, taverns and ferry prices. I´m glad that I know our planets hero, Twinsen. He is glad knowing me too. My best friend on Citadel Island is the crabs and the cow, Rosa. Rosa lives where the Citadel once was. Twinsen´s first adventure started in that Citadel. I know a camel from Desert Island too, and a Turtle. They are my best friends on that island. Do you know Jerome Baldino. He lives on Desert Island, but once he lived outside Proxim-City on Proxima Island. One day when he was out testing a new jet pack there came a Grobo running out from Proxim-City. He looked afraid and Baldino was going to ask him what he was doing. He couldn´t, ´cause the man jumped out to the sea and swam away. Jerome didn´t know why. After that day he has never been seen again... But yesterday I met a man who was sitting on the woodbridge at Citadel Island. He said to me that a few days ago he heard about a Grobo who swam over the oceans between Proxima Island, Citadel Island and finally he came to Desert Island. When he arrived to the desert he was afraid of the UFOs, so he hide in the a very warm place. Where? I don´t know...

Here comes a hard question!

Do you know what the Supergroboclone does when he can´t sleep?


The Answer

My own LBA2-savegame

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