I wrote a message to Frédérick Raynal, and the jist of it was this:

Explain more about LBA3, including who will release it and so on please. Also, when will it be released, do we get more of Philipe Vachey's incredible music and what are the individual e-mail addresses of everyone at No Cliché?

Here is his reply in full. Isn't it great news?

Hi, WUK the incredible (!?)

Here are what we are sure:
- LBA3 will be an Adeline Software product.
- It will be a PC game.
- I want to supervised it
- Philippe Vachey wants to create musics for it (I want it too)
- Nothing is yet started (except for what's in my head and the storyline)
- There is some rights questions to be sorted out.

About e-mail, I give you a tip, everybody here have the same kind of email.
First letter of his first name and full last name. ex:

The name of the story of LBA3 is "The Stellar Entity Genesis" (if my
translation is right) in French it's "La genese de l'entite stellaire". But
I have no clue about the final title, Twinsen's Journey is a good idea as it
is the same kind than the previous titles.

Best regards

An interview by WUK. ©WUK 1998.

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