Fantastic!!! All the subjects on LBA Twinsen in the next few months!!!

14th august-23th august: Who is the coolest character in LBA 1&2?

24th august-30th august: Which of the islands on Zeelich and Twinsun do you want live on?

31th august-6th september: Which race is smartest on Twinsun?

7th september-13th september: Do you think that Sega wants to do a LBA 3?

14th september-20th september: Which part of the LBA 2 was hardest?

21st september-27th september: If there would be any LBA 3, which things should be improved?

28th september-4th october: Which of the two LBA-games were hardest?

5th october-11th october: Which is the coolest race on Zeelich?

And dont forget that you can write about the LBA-games, ask questions about them every week!!!

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