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The messageboard was builded 1998-08-01, a Saturday. It was called LBA Twinsen ´cause it contains LBA and Twinsen. Every week from 1998-08-14 there is a subject on the board. We´ve got to fight for the LBA 3! There got to be one. 1998-07-31 Sega bought Adeline Software who made our favourite games.We all want a LBA 3! We all want to meet Twinsen, Baldino, Zoe, Dino-Fly and all the others again. On LBA Super Site´s official messageboard LBA Twinsen we can talk about this fantastic game and really enjoy it.

Fantastic!!! A very good new for persons with a bad remembering!

Fantastic!!! All the subjects on LBA Twinsen in the next few months

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