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I've got some new info on Adeline Software International, who has appeared again. Axx of the MBN Forum, who has been talking to the head LBA Creator, Frederick Raynal earlier has now been talking to the man who made the LBA Music, Philippe Vachey and one of the other main LBA makers, Didier Franchey. Read more in the new section of the site, the future. There everything is about upcoming projects involving LBA 3 and the makers of LBA 1 & 2.

I've added the LBA 3 section, the Trium Planeta section and the LBA-GBA section to a new section, which I call "The Future". Here I will put all interviews, all new info on LBA 3 and Adeline's future projects. Also what I hear about F4-Toys, Frederick Raynal's new company.
The news I spoke about last update is now here, Frederick Raynal has started a new company, F4-toys. All that is known is in The Future section.
2002-03-16 I will do some kind of stats on LBA 2, I don't know in what way yet, but I will start working on some kind of test project.
I want you readers and site viewers to help me in making a better site. If you've made anything LBA related, please mail it to me. It can be a minigame, a painting or a story. I'll put it up on the site!
I've closed yet another section, this time it is the Pics section, I need to rebuild it, I think.
Now it is known that Axx of the Magic Ball Network will release new info on Frederick Raynal's, the creator of LBA, upcoming projects. There will, according to Axx, be another game before Trium Planeta. The new info will be released at the 1st april.


I now have a Credit List on the site! Accessable also from the top frame!

It is now confirmed that Adeline Software is one of the develepors for Nintendo's handheld Game Boy Advance, good news for the making of the GBA LBA conversion, that is! Let's hope! Also Axx with soon make a new interview with Frederick Raynal. Read the old ones in the LBA 3 section!
I've inserted all your letters in the Post section. There's some really interesting things written by LBA fans all over the world, so you should definitely take a look! Please continue mailing me,I love to get LBA related post. My adress is still
I closed the Quiz and Submit sections for an unknown amount of time. I need to rebuild it a bit, I think, sorry to you who sent in your answers to the last quiz, it didn't work because of mechanical problems. Same with the submit section since december.
2002-02-16 I added the Axx' interviews about LBA into the LBA 3 section.
  Also a new feature on the site is the factboxes, they will appear more and more in the future. The factboxes will include important stuff such as personal profiles, and interesting things that you didn't know. A sample of the factboxes is to be seen at the bottom of the page.


More news about the Game Boy Advance version of Little Big Adventure.


The site now has got its 3000th visitor!!! since april 2000!


New version of the site, the 4th. Read about the new stuff on top of this page.

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