Not since autumn 1998, two years ago the site has changed it's layout as much as now, that's why it is the NEW EDITION of LBA Super Site!

1st august 1998 was the release date of this site. I was new in homepagemaking and the site wasn't very big at all. After a few months I changed the site totally. New layout and all. Since the site hasn't been trafficed in the last year and since I haven't put on so very much time on working on the site I finally decided to make a new layout again. That's what you see now. The contents of the site may not have changed so much now, but later.. There will be a new LBA Quiz every month and every month's quiz will be a part of a new superleague in LBAquizzing. In the end of the season all the quiz points that you gain in the 6 quizzes that the season will be counted. The one that get the most points will get the big gold LBA Quiz award to put up on his/her website. Also there will be a nut of the month. A tricky question that you'll answer. The best answer get's a NUTAward to put up on the winners website. If you don't have a website to put up the awards on can print them out and put them on the wall. Of course you've got the honour too. JOY!